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Newest Creator C503 VW + OBD Multi-System Scanner Free Shipping

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Newest Creator C503 Vw + OBD Multi-System Scanner

Creator C503 OBDII/EOBD software support:

1. Works on all 2001 and later OBDII compliant PETROL European vehicles
2. Works on all 2004 and later OBDII compliant DIESEL European vehicles
3. Works on all 1996 and later OBDII compliant US and Asian vehicles
4. Easily determines the cause of the "Check Engine Light ( MIL)"
5. Retrieves generic (P0, P2, P3, and U0) and manufacturer specific (P1, P3, and U1) codes
6. Turns off Check Engine Light (MIL), clears codes and resets monitors
7. Displays DTC definitions on unit screen
8. Views freeze frame data
9. Identifies pending codes
10. Reads live PCM datastream
11. Graph displays live PCM datastream
12. Read I/M Readiness Status
13. Displays live O2 sensor test data
14. Performs modules present test
15. Retrieves vehicle information (VIN, CIN and CVN)
16 Supports CAN (Controller Area Network) and all other current OBD-II protocolsFuntions:CanGateway scan(2005-),Read codes,Erase codes,ECU information,Read Datastream

Funtions: CanGateway scan(2005-),Read codes,Erase codes,ECU information,Read DatastreamOBDII/EOBD software support

Supports Vw before 2015
System coverage:
01-Engine control module 1
02-Transmission control module
03-Brakes 1
04-Steering angle sender
06-Seat adjustment passenger's side
07-Display control Unit
08-Air conditioning
09-Central electrics
0A-Alternative fuel engine
0B-Auxiliary air heater
0C-Rear axle steering 2
0D-Sliding door left
0E-Media player position 1
0f-Radio tuner-digital
10-Parking assistance 2
11-Engine control module 2
12-clutch control Unit
13-Adaptive cruise control
14-Wheel dampening electronics
16-Steering column electronics
17-Dash board
18-Auxiliary parking heater
1A-Fuel cell engine
1B-Active steering
1C-Vehicle position detection
1D-Driver identification
1E-Media player position 2
1F-Radio tuner-satellite
20-High beam assistance
21-Battery management 48V
22-All wheel control
23-Brake boost
24-Anti slip regulation
26-Electronic roof control
27-Display control unit rear
28-Climate control unit rear
29-Light control left
2A-Control unit wireless charging
2B-Steering column locking
2C-Seat allocation detection
2D-Voice amplifier
2E-Media player position 3
2f-TV tuner-digital
30-Special function 2
31-Engine electronics group
32-Lock electronics
33-All OBD systems
34-Ride control system
35-Central locking control module
36-Seat adjustment driver's side
38-Roof electronic control module
39-Light control right
3A-Special vehicle assistant
3B-Sensor electronics
3C-Lane change assistant
3D-Special function
3E-Media player position 4
3f-Dynamic assembly mounting
40-Air conditioning compressor
41-Diesel pump control unit
42-Door electronics driver's side
43-Brake assistance
44-Steering assistance
45-Interior monitoring
46-Central module comfort system
47-Sound system
48-Seat adjustment rear driver's side
49-Automatic light switch
4A-Matrix rear light
4B-Multifunction module
4C-Tire pressure monitoring 2
4D-Data transmission
4E-Control head rear right
4f-Central electrics 2
50-Seat adjustment 3rd row
51-Drive motor control module
52-Door electronics passenger's side
53-Electric parking brake
54-Rear spoiler
55-Headlight regulation
57-TV tuner
58-Fuel supply
59-Towing protection
5A-Longitudinal control
5B-Seat adjustment rear passenger's side
5C-Lane departure warning system
5E-Control head rear left
5f-Information control unit 1
61-Battery regulation
62-Door electronics rear left
63-Entry assistance driver's side
65-Tire pressure monitoring 1
66-Seat adjustment rear
67-Voice control
68-Wiper control unit
69-Trailer function
6B-Aerodynamics control unit
6C-Camera system rear view
6D-Deck Lid control Unit
6E-Display control Roof
6f-Central module comfort system 2
71-Battery charger
72-Door electronics rear right
73-Entry assistance passenger's side
74-Chassis control
75-Telematics communication unit
76-Parking assistance
78-Sliding door right
7B-Subbus systems interface
7D-Auxiliary heater
7E-Dash board display unit
7f-Information control unit 2
81-Gear shift control module
82-Head up display
83-Front observation module
84-Night vision
85-On board camera
88-Multi contour seat driver's side
89-Multi contour seat passenger's side
8A-Multi contour seat rear Driver's side
8B-Adaptive cruise control 2
8C-Battery energy control module
8D-Multi contour seat rear passenger's side
8E-Image processing electronics
8f-Pretensioner front left
90-Pretensioner front right
91-Engine control module LT3
92-Transmission electronics LT3
93-Immobilizer LT3
94-Airbag LT3
95-Electronic stability program LT3
96-Dash board LT3
97-Tachograph LT3
98-Tire Pressure monitoring LT3
99-Electronic ignition starter switch LT3
9A-Remote control LT3
9B-Door electronics driver's side LT3
9C-Air conditioning LT3
9D-Auxilary heater fuel LT3
9E-Auxilary heater electric LT3
9f-Parking heater water LT3
A0-Radio audio 5 LT3
A1-Navigation LT3
A2-Compact disc changer LT3
A3-Telephone LT3
A5-Front sensors driver assistance system
A6-Microphone control unit
A7-Infotainment interface
A8-External communication interface
A9-Actuator for structure-borne sound
AA-Wheel brake rear right
AB-Wheel brake rear left
AC-Reductant control module
AD-Sensors brake systems
B0-Display control unit roof LT3
B1-Upper operationg field LT3
B2-Parking aid LT3
B3-Trailer function LT3
B4-Vehicle electrical system control module LT3
B5-Programmable special module LT3
B6-Steering column tube switch module LT3
B7-Access start system interface
B8-Electronic roof control 2
B9-Auxiliary display control unit
BA-Assembly mounting
BB-Door electronics rear driver's side
BC-Door electronics rear passenger's side
BD-High voltage battery charge management
BE-Sliding door rear left
Bf-Sliding door rear right
C0-Actuator for exterior noise
C1-Battery regulation LT3
C2-Transmission control module 2
C3-Drive motor control module 3
C4-Converter for drive motor control module
C5-Thermal management
C6-Battery charger control module
C7-Pedestrian protection
C8-Auxiliary display control unit 2
C9-Rear mirror
CA-control module for sunroof
CB-Rear axle steering
CC-Starter/Generator control module
CD-Laser scanner
CE-Drive motor control module 2
Cf-Control unit lane change assistant 2
D0-front axle lift system
D1-Center display
D2-Sliding door left LT3
D3-Sliding door right LT3
D4-Roll control system 1
D5-Roll control system 2
D6-Light control left 2
D7-Light control right 2
D8-Matrix headlamp power module Left
D9-Matrix headlamp power module Right
DB-Front corner radar 1
DC-Front corner radar 2
DD-Control module 2 for sunroof
DE-Charger 1 mobile devices
DF-Charger 2 mobile devices
EF-Reference control unit

Package includes:

1pc x C503 Vw + OBD Multi-System Scanner
1pc x  User's Manual


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