Autel ABS/Airbag Scanner AA101

Autel ABS/Airbag Scanner AA101

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Product Description

ABS/Airbag Scanner AA101

Autel AA101 scanner, an innovative ABS/Airbag scan tool powered by Autel Uni-SCAN™ technology, is designed for professional technicians and body shops to troubleshoot ABS and Airbag systems for most of the vehicles on the road today. This scan tool not only is affordable, reliable and easy to use, but it is also a time saver and a money maker.

AA101 Features:

1. Perfect for body shops to complete the ABS/airbag repairs in house
2. Diagnose and clear engine, airbag, and ABS failures
3. Turn off engine, ABS and airbag warning lights for most USA Domestic, Asian and European vehicles
4. Global OBD II coverage(US, Asian & European)
5. Read/clear codes for Tire Pressure Monitor Systems
6. Display DTC definitions on unit screen
7. Retrieve ECU information(VIN, CIN and CVN)
8. Data graphing
9. Read, store & playback live data
10. CAN enabled with no adapters to buy
11. Memory/battery backup for off-vehicle data review and analysis
12. Extremely easy to use and highly reliable
13. Print data via PC-link

AA101 Vehicle coverage:

Toyota 1994-2008 · Honda 1994-2008
Nissan 1994-2008 · Mazda 1996-2008
Mitsubishi 1994-2008 · GM 1984-2008
Ford 1984-2008 · Chrysler 1988-2008
Renault 1996-2008 · Citroen 1996-2008
Peugeot 1996-2008 · VW/ AUDI 1990-2008
BMW & Mini 1993-2008 · Mercedes 1995-2008
Volvo 1996-2008 · Opel 1997-2008
Global OBD II compliant US, European and Asian vehicles

AA101 Package list:

1.ABS/Airbag Scanner tool
2.OBD II cable and adapter
3.USB cable
4.CD software
5.User's manual
6.Nylon carry case

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