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[US/UK/EU Ship] VVDI Mini OBD Tool Work For Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max

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  • Brand: Xhorse
  • Product Code: SK287
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VVDI MINI OBD Tool For Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max

This is the VVDI Mini OBD Tool, which can be used with VVDI Key Tool Max to perform remote function like Generate transponder, Transponder Clone, Generate Remote, Remote Clone, OBD matching transponder/remote/smart card.

VVDI Mini OBD Tool  Main Functions:

Immo programming
Throttle Program
More Functions:
Battery Programming(Not yet open)
KM Correction(Not yet open)
Steering Angle Calibration(Not yet open)
Key code learning(Not yet open)
EABS Programming(Not yet open)
Remote manual programming(Not yet open)
Maintenance Light Reset(Not yet open)
Vehicle Diagnosis(Not yet open)
Tire Pressure Light Reset(Not yet open)

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