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[US/UK/EU Ship] Xhorse XM Smart Key PCB XSTO00EN for Toyota Support Re-generate

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  • Brand: Xhorse
  • Product Code: SA2037
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Xhorse XM Smart Key PCB XSTO00EN for Toyota


1. Support 315/433mhz
2. Support multiple board numbers/frequencies/models
3. Support both 4D and 8A series smart key
4. Compatible with 40bit, 80bit, 128bit, single frequency, dual frequency
5. Support re-generate
6. Compatible with Key Tool Plus, VVDI Key Tool Max, VVDI MINI Key Tool

1. The first time generate the XM-Prox remote will cost 200 points, for re-use, free to generate.
2. In database, when it shows XM Smart Key, you will need use this Toyota smart key.
3. Please update Xhorse APP to V2.1.3 or newer.
Xhorse APP Update V2.1.3
-MINI KEY TOOL->vehicle remote->Add XM smart key generation
-MINI KEY TOOL->Special Function ->Add XM smart key customization and toyota smart key frequency setting

Support version: 0020, 0010, 2110, 0182, 3330



Support for Toyota Model: 

For Camry (12-17)
For Alphard ( -12) 
For GS400 (13—1 7) 
For CT200(15)
For RAV4(08-19) 
For Sienna (05-05) 
For GS430(13-17) 
For NX2O0(16-)
For Corolla (08—18) 
For Previa(O7—) 
For IS2O0(13-17) 
For RX450(15-)
For LEVIN (-18) 
For Wish (18) 
For 1S300(13-17) 
For BRZ (-14)
For Land Cruiser(O8-2O)
For E'Z (-15) 
For ES330(13-17) 
For Toycta86(12—14)
For Highlande (O9-19) 
For VIOS (08-13) 
For RX270(14)
For Crown(1O—17) 
For GS300(13—17) 
For CX460(1O)
For REIZ(O8-12) 
For ES300(13-17) 
For Landcruiser Prado(O8-20)

Upcoming Update Version:
3370, 5290, 7930, 7980, 0031, A433, F433, 0140, 0111, 7930, 7980, 0310, 0120, 0410, 0440

Xhorse XM Smart Key PCB XSTO00EN for Toyota Support Re-generate


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