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New Released XTOOL PS2 GDS Gasoline Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool with Touch Screen Update Online Warranty for 3 Years


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  • Brand: XTool
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New Released XTOOL PS2 GDS Gasoline Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool with Touch Screen Update Online Warranty for 3 Years

XTOOL PS2 GDS Diagnostic System is the easiest-to-use scan tool which features simple touch screen navigation. It is ingeniously designed to create the functionality of the
OEM tools used by automotive manufacturer's dealers, empowering independent garages to provide comprehensive service in their own workshops without relying on dealer availability.

XTOOL PS2 GDS has a memory card that contains the operating system and scan software applications. It can help you diagnose symptoms, codes, and complaints quickly
and efficiently by reading diagnostic trouble codes, and viewing live data stream, freeze frame data, and vehicle information from the vehicle's ECUs. It can also perform such
special functions as actuation tests, immobilizer key coding and, oil resetting, etc. on the vehicle. You can also save recorded data, capture an image of the current screen and print information.

Top 5 Reasons to Get XTOOL PS2 Gasoline:
1. Language: English, Russian, German, Turkish, Middle Eastern
2. With built-in printer, can print out diagnose result easily.
3. Support free update online. Support 3 years warranty.
4. With 8 inches true color TFT touch screen , 800*600 with LED back-light.
5. Supports special function like reset oil service light, oil inspection, service mileage, service intervals and airbag
With Battery Inside
XTOOL PS2 Gasoline Function and Feature:
1. Auto key programming/immobilizer
2. Oil reset
3. Reads/erases fault codes
4. Scans engine
5. Turns off service lights
6. Scans auto transmission
7. Turns off SRS airbag lights
8. Turns off ABS lights
9. Live data stream
XTOOL PS2 Gasoline Special Function:
1. Key Programming:
* New keys programming
* Reads keys from immobilizer’s memory
* New immobilizer programming
* New ECU programming
* New mechanical key number programming
* Vehicle Identification Number programming
* Reset ECM & reset immobilizer
* Easy to operate by the guided menu programming
* New remote controller programming
* With full and strong database for the most important vehicle makes
Key programming Supports the Following Models:
Volkswagen, Audi, Honda, Kia, Buick, Chevrolet, Dongfeng, Citroen, Peugeot, Mazda, Brilliance China, Brilliance Jinbei, Chery, Changan, the Great Wall, Changan, Changhe, Dongfeng fashion, Hafei, hippocampus, maple, Changfeng, Liebao, JAC, Geely, Lifan, breeze, Zhengzhou Mazda, Nissan, Zhengzhou Nissan, FAW, Tianjin FAW Besturn, SAIC England, BYD ( test ), Changan Ford ect.
2. Oil Reset
* Oil Reset/Engine oil light reset
* Tire pressure warning light reset (manual operation)
* Timing belt light reset (manual operation)
* OBD-II engine diagnosis
* EPB Electronic Brake changes brake pad
* Throttle matching (GM, Honda, Nissan, Acura)
* Support the latest vehicles with CAN BUS and UDS
Oil Reset Function Application list:
XTOOL PS2 Gasoline Diagnose Vehicle List:
Japan: Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki,Toyota, Daihatsu, Tlisuzu
Europe: VW, Audi, SEAT, SKODA, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Citroen,EuropeFord, Fiat, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Volvo
India: Mahindra, MARUTI, TATA
America: AmericaFord, Chrysler, GM, ACRUA
Australia: AustraliaFord, Holden
Brazil: BrazilOPEL
China: DFSK
Korea: Hyundai, Kia, Ssangyong
Malaysia: Perodua, Proton
PS2/PS90 Gasoline Series Mercedes-Benz V16.21
 Language version of the vehicle system software is currently released for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Spanish
This Version (V16.21) Issued the Following:

1.Increase the Transmission, Steering angle,Tyrepressure loss alarm (activated) and other common special function.
2.Increase more than seven languages: German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Arabic, farsi.
The replacement of EPB brake pad supports for the following models:
VW ( R36, CC, Magotan etc.)
Audi ( A4L, A6L, Q5 etc.)
Tire pressure warning light reset (manual operation)

XTOOL PS2 CDS Overview

①Power Switch:Start/shut down the Mainframe
②USB Interface:Interface for synchronizing data between the mainframe and PC
③VGA Interface:Interface for connect to an external monitor(800*600 pixel)
④Main Cable Interface: Interface for connecting the main cable to vehicle diagnosis
⑤Power Interface:External power supply to the host
⑥Touch Pen

①Serial ports Interface: Debug port
②Memory card slot
③Paper port: Paper output of the printer
NOTE: No internal battery power is provided with this scan tool.
NOTE: Do not remove memory card from the scan tool unless performing software updates to card.

How to Connect XTOOL PS2 GDS to Vehicle?
Connect the Cable
The method used to connect the scan tool to a vehicle's DLC depends on the vehicle's configuration as follows: A vehicle equipped with an On Board Diagnostics Two (OBD II) vehicle management system supplies both communication and 12-volt power through a standardized J-1962 data link connection (DLC). A vehicle not equipped with an OBD II system supplies communication through a DLC connection and sometimes supplies 12-volt power through the cigarette lighter receptacle or a connection to the battery.

Vehicle & Cable Connection:
This type of connection generally requires the 15-pin main cable and an OBD II adapter. To connect the 15-pin main cable,please follow these steps:
Locate the required OBD II adapter and connect it into the 15-pin male connector of the main cable.
Connect the cable's 15-pin female adapter to the DB 15-pin port on the top of the scan tool.

Connect the cable's OBD II adapter into the vehicle's DLC, normally located under the vehicle dash.
If the DLC connection does not supply power to the scan tool, connection to the cigarette lighter receptacle will be needed.
Please follow these steps:
1. Connect the cigarette lighter with the scan tool.
2. Connect the cable's power plug into the vehicle's cigarette lighter receptacle.

NOTE: The vehicle's DLC is not always located under the dash as shown above. NOTE: Some adapters may have more than
one adapter or may have test leads instead of an adapter. Whatever the case, make the required connections to the vehicle's DLC.

If the cigarette lighter connection does not provide power either, connection to the vehicle's battery is necessary. Follow these steps:
1. Connect the cigarette lighter to the clipper cable.
2. Connect the clipper cable to the vehicle's battery.
NOTE: The vehicle's battery is usually located beside the engine. NOTE: Please connect the red clipper to the anode and the black clipper to the cathode. WARNING: The clippers might be hot after use. Be careful not to be burnt. You can conveniently obtain power supply through power adaptor connection to the scan tool if any power socket is within reach.

XTOOL PS2 GDS Specification:

Operating System:                WINCE
CPU:                                      SAMSUNG 32-bit processor,frequency 400MHZ
RAM:                                     SDRAM 64M bytes
Program Memory:                FLASH 64M bytes
External Memory:                 SD card Mainframe Power Source: DC12V
Mainframe Power:                25W
Printer:                                  Micro high-speed thermal printer
Display Screen:                     8-inch color touch screen,800*600 resolution with LED backlight
Operating Temperature:      -20—50℃
Relative Humidity:               <90%
Overall Dimensions:             305.2mm*215.2mm*85mm
Protocols:                             ISO 9141-2, K/L line, SAE-J1850 VPW, SAE-J1850 PWM, CAN ISO 11898 ISO
XTOOL PS2 GDS Package including:
1pc x XTOOL PS2 Gasoline Main Unit
1pc x Mitsubishi-12+16 
1pc x Honda-3 
1pc x OBDII-16 
1pc x Toyota+HAIMA-17+2 
1pc x Mazda-17R 
1pc x Kia/Hyundai-10 
1pc x Fiat-3 
1pc x Kia-20 
1pc x Cigarette Cable
1pc x AUDI-4 
1pc x BMW-20 
1pc x Power Cable
1pc x Suzuki-3 
1pc x Self-test Adapter
1pc x Battery Cable
1pc x Citroen-2 
1pc x Nissan-14
1pc x SD Card Reader
1pc x Main Cable
XTOOL PS2 Gasoline Display:

XTOOL PS2 GDS Gasoline Bluetooth Display-1
XTOOL PS2 GDS Gasoline Bluetooth Display-2
XTOOL PS2 GDS Gasoline Bluetooth Display-3
XTOOL PS2 GDS Gasoline Bluetooth Display-4
XTOOL PS2 GDS Gasoline Bluetooth Display-5

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